I wonder how a banana would look in a scarf?

Man, Parisians are so grabby. They already have the Eiffel Tower, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Grey Poupon, and now they’re going to have locally grown bananas too?

Parisians at the the Agricultural Urbanism Lab are hard at work (if you can call a life with six weeks of paid vacation work) on a miniature vertical banana farm that will also function as an indoor park. The glass-enclosed building would be six stories high, with the ground floor being used as an exhibition space and for research. (What kind of research? Well, the plan is just in its initial stages, but presumably banana research.) The remainder of the building would be for, naturally, the cultivation of bananas. In addition to natural sunlight, the bananas will need additional artificial lighting to mimic the environment of places they actually grow, like Honduras and Burundi, which are not at all like France.

Bananas are cheap and plentiful in the United States. Due to transport costs, this is not the case in Europe. It’s unlikely that one small urban farm would significantly increase the volume of bananas in the E.U., but if this project goes forward, this particular block in Paris would have plenty, PLUS Johnny Depp and all the fancy cheese they can eat. So unfair.

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