Do Something, the internet’s premier source for vague handwavey activism, is trying to harness the power of teenage snark to improve school lunches. They’re encouraging high schoolers to take a photo of what’s on their plate — er, segmented styrofoam tray — and upload it with a descriptive caption. As school lunches are mostly horror shows, some of these captions are super mean, and by “mean” we mean “hilarious.”

Buzzfeed collected some of these budding food bloggers’ contributions, and these are our faves:

fish_milk interesting_pile mac_and_what pooperoni

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We’re not sure precisely how this will help improve school food overall, but the site’s name is Do Something, after all, not Do Something That Fixes The Problem. Anyway, last time we wrote about a kid taking pictures of her food, it really made a difference, so perhaps we should be less cynical (it’s hard to be sincerely optimistic after you’ve been looking at stuff written by high schoolers). At the very least, maybe this will get the word “pooperoni” into public discourse, and that alone will be a service.

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