We know, we know — you’re sick of hearing about Chipotle’s contamination crisis, which we hope has seen the last of its seemingly bottomless burrito bowl of food safety disasters.

But you may have some lingering questions: How could one company, as the video above from Vox points out, “see six different outbreaks from three different germs in just six months”? Why couldn’t Chipotle, after testing all 64 of the ingredients it uses, figure out which ones were behind the E. coli outbreak? And most importantly, how fun would it be to sit in a bathtub filled with Chipotle guacamole on a scale from one (norovirus) to ten (avocado heaven)?

Let this explainer answer these questions for you (except that last one — we may never know the answer to that). It might not exactly stoke your burrito cravings, but it will quench your desire to know why the food poisoning crisis happened — and how Chipotle plans to prevent it from reoccurring.

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