Researchers have found that offering someone a non-financial reward ups their chance of making a donation. So offering people a cultishly popular pastry if they donate to a New York City food bank is really flipping smart.

That’s exactly what The Cronut Project does. Dreamt up by three interns at an ad agency (because everyone knows pre-disillusionment interns are where the dreams are), The Cronut Project joined forces with Dominique Ansel, the creator of the stupidly popular croissant-donut hybrid. By donating a large amount to the food bank — or donating a normal amount and just getting lucky — you could skip the hours-long cronut line and get one delivered right to your face. Try to temporarily ignore the inequity of some people going hungry and others feasting on gourmet pastries.

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According to The Cronut Project:

Every day for five days, we’ll be offering up two Cronuts™ — and the only way to get them is to donate to Food Bank. Each day, one will go to the day’s highest donor. The other will go to a random donor.

Every dollar you donate gets you an additional chance to win. All proceeds will go to Food Bank.

Ansel designed a special passionfruit cronut for the project, but your chance to get your mouth on one is running out. Your flaky, buttery, fruity window closes on Friday, Aug. 2, so open your mouth (and wallet) before time runs out and you have to eat Safeway donuts like the rest of us.

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