“The food system that has come about exists only to feed us humans,” Upworthy writes. We weren’t aware we were eating humans, but the site makes a good point nonetheless with a chilling snippet from the documentary Samsara:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/73234721]

With the cold, atmospheric music and time-lapse shots, it’s more like an eerie, futuristic sci-fi film than an in-your-face animal rights video. There’s no gushing blood here — just slow pans that gradually reveal the immensity of scale. (Stop watching at the five-minute mark, though, when the video inexplicably takes a sharp right into Offensive Fat-Shaming Land. Way to kill your credibility, Samsara.)

If you weren’t already convinced factory farming is really effing depressing and cruel to animals, this snippet will convince you. Not by smacking you in the face with gore or statistics, but by quietly sneaking up on you and putting the cold, clammy fingers of reality on your neck. Happy (early) Halloween?

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