Brian Sternberg
Maggie’s Farm Aquaponics
Marana, Ariz.

As we face a warming planet, Arizona’s famed “dry heat” could get a lot drier and a lot hotter. Sternberg has been experimenting with a method of growing fresh greens and herbs that uses far less water.

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Sternberg estimates that his aquaponics system uses about 90 percent less water than conventional farming methods. He grows everything in greenhouses, and uses no pesticides. The system is designed to cultivate tilapia, as well, which he hopes to start doing soon.

When choosing how to grow food, it’s important to keep the future in mind:

“As time goes on, I think food is going to be more and more scarce,” he says. “We’re stressing everything out … Eventually, the costs [of our food system] are going to outstrip everything that we do.”

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