If you’re up on your yogurt lore, you know that it’s mainly for women in grey hoodies:

But why should ladies be the only ones who get to sit around listing off stereotypes about their gender while eating overprocessed, oversweetened fat-free yogurt glop? Now there’s a yogurt just for men, and you can tell because it has abs.



The folks at NPR’s Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me! tried it out as a departure from their usual Sandwich Monday tradition. The verdict: It tastes OK, and it is very, very manly.

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Ian: I guess this is pretty manly, but not as manly as that Dannon flavor you have to hunt and kill with your bare hands.

Mike: This is good. Like, this is “morning after a night in a Tijuana brothel and I still have both my kidneys” good.

It’s grilling up some burgers before the Super Bowl good! It’s kettlebells good! It’s banging a cheerleader good! It’s never learning how to show emotions or vulnerability good! It’s peeing next to other dudes and trying to pretend you’re not looking at their junk good! My point is that it’s hyper-masculine stereotype good, and that I don’t know what men like.

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