Takeout in California will never be the same. The state's legislature is halfway to forbidding restaurants and vendors from packing their products in Styrofoam containers: the California Senate's on board, and the House is supposed to vote on the measure by the end of the summer.

The problem (besides that Styrofoam is an evil, atmosphere-killing substance that takes forever to biodegrade) is that people feel entitled to toss the containers in the streets, from whence they travel through storm drains into the ocean. Local governments in the state — 50 of them — already have ditched foam take-out containers.

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It's not clear, however, what superior form of take-out container will take Styrofoam's place once it's been banished. As we said before, there's no getting around it: geekily bringing your own cup, fork and, apparently, bento box everywhere is the only way to really eat green on the go.

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