Oh man, one more of these and it's a New York Times trend story: First it was sprawl developers who had to give away cars in order to sell their McMansions in the eighth circle of exurban hell, now it's some developer in Phoenix who wants to attract baby boomers to purchase 11,200 new homes by slapping solar panels on the roof, standard.

And where are these homes, in this era of $5 a gallon gas? How about: the middle of nowhere, a full hour and a half outside Phoenix. I guess if you're going to live in a neighborhood with the walkability factor of the post-apocalyptic outback in a Mad Max movie, you'd probably want solar panels, so you can try for self-sufficiency when the impossibly long supply chain your food, water and power are at the end of finally goes kaput.

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Not convinced yet? Here are some pictures of people laughing on a golf green. Probably about the prolonged southwestern drought they'll miss because their candidate of choice will make sure their Medicare runs out before it arrives.

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