I’ve been a regular blogger since 2002 — first at Salon.com, then at my own site. Since joining Grist last September, I’ve sorely neglected the old blog; there’s simply been too much to do here to keep up.

So I’m thrilled to begin this new blog at Grist. It’s the first new feature we’re rolling out now that we’ve completed our transition to the WordPress platform. And that’s not because I have a burning need to see that little drawing of my face at the top of the page. (Flattering though it is, plainly I need hipper glasses — but I refuse. On principle.)

The real point of this is for me to be able to talk with you about what’s happening at Grist, and to hear back from you about what we’re doing and how we could do better. There’s a lot of change afoot at this place; we need to know how it’s going and what you’re thinking about it.

In addition, of course, I’ll be weighing in on all things sustainable and green and Grist-y, as I feel the need and find the time. No point in having a blog if you don’t use it!

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P.S. If you’re the creator of the movie-poster image above or you know its original source, let me know so I can credit you. This one has been kicking around the Web for a long time and its origins are lost — at least to me.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.