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Umbra in a red hat

Dearest readers,

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Every week I answer your green living questions, addressing concerns from diapers to dog food. This month I’m doing a dare a day and daring you to join me for 25 days of photos and fun on Facebook. From planting an unusual garden to high-fiving a bus driver, these dares are designed to give us all a road map to a more sustainable way of living in just 25 days!

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Join in and find out how easy it is to be green. If you’re into sustainable voyeurism, you can just look at my dares each day this month on Facebook. Or if you want to add your own daringness to the mix, make sure you “like” the Ask Umbra page. Then make your own 25 Day Challenge album on Facebook and upload your photos along with me, day by day. Make sure to tag your images with “Ask Umbra,” so that your photos will appear on my Facebook page, too! Or you can post photos directly onto my wall. I’d love to see your sassy, sustainable selves there!

So join my challenge and post your progress along with me. Invite your friends too — in fact, dare them with 25 dares over 25 days. Or simply donate to help keep my “astute advice” coming your way. Thank you, dear readers!

Double dog daringly,

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