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dunce capOld-school scoldingCourtesy cogdogblog via FlickrI have to say the green party was a rousing success. Everyone had a fantastic time and begged me to throw another one soon. I already have some ideas for how to make the next one even greener. A friend of mine has a bicycle-powered generator that we could hook up to a boombox for music. I didn’t have time to borrow it for this party, but I definitely will for the next one.

Yes, a few rebels drove their cars. I took pity on them because they had to come from the suburbs. But not too much pity. Rather than tell them not to come, I made them wear dunce caps. They were gigantic, pink, and absolutely atrocious. The drivers protested, but I insisted.

Unfortunately, candles didn’t provide enough light. Also, mixing fire and alcohol wasn’t something I wanted to risk. So eventually we had to turn on the electric lights. Next time, I’ll plan the party for the afternoon so it isn’t an issue.

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All of the guests brought food and drinks that were organic and locally grown or brewed. They also brought their own glasses and containers, so nothing had to be thrown out.

We spent the night drinking, playing games, and chatting. It was great fun. I can’t wait to plan another green event.

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