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candles lit for a partyNo electricity at my party, thanks.Photo: Bernard PoletParty day is getting closer. So far, I have 25 confirmed guests, and more people are emailing and texting every day to tell me they can come. I can’t wait to see everyone.

The response has been fantastic. Many people are intrigued by the dare and are coming because of the uniqueness of the event. In fact, quite a few people who can’t make it are already asking me to throw another green party so they can attend. 

I decided to have the party in my apartment. I’m on the north side of Chicago and easily accessible by public transit — buses, the El train — as well as by walking and biking. I’ve already had a few rebels tell me they’re planning to drive. I won’t turn them away, but I’ve made it clear they’ll be expected to bring some truly outstanding organic snacks to make up for it.

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The party will start around 7 p.m., so the natural light won’t hold us for very long before we have to start lighting candles. I hope it doesn’t feel like a séance.

It will be past dinner time, so I’ve decided to limit the food to just snacks. Here’s what I’m thinking: cookies, hummus, tofu burgers, veggie platters, banana bread, and ice cream. Definitely ice cream. Everything will be organic and as local as possible.

I’ll also have plenty of locally brewed beer and wine for my guests. I watched Ask Umbra’s video on Jell-O shots, but I don’t know if I want to go there. If things get too out of control, somebody might turn on the TV or the dishwasher or something, and there goes our carbon footprint.

All of the invited guests are my close college and childhood friends from the greater Chicago area. It’s been a hectic summer, so this green party will be the perfect chance for all of us to get together and still be environmentally smart.

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Let’s hear your suggestions for handling the car-driving rebels! Other suggestions for green entertaining also welcome. And light a candle for Grist with a donation.

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