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veggie potluckCourtesy thecolorblue via FlickrDay 21, July 25, Veggie potluck
It’s Meatless Monday again! This time, invite five friends over and ask everyone to make a mouth-watering, meat-free dish. Share, eat, laugh, and learn new recipes! Enjoy.

carbon forkprintDay 22, July 26, Reduce your carbon forkprint
Getting take-out tonight? Bring your own reusable take-out container, like my tiffin set. What’s your favorite reusable container to take to restaurants? And check out my video on six easy ways to make take-out more sustainable.

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Happy bus driverCourtesy Metro Transportation Library and Archive via FlickrDay 23, July 27, High-five day
High-five a bus driver, or fist-bump a subway conductor or a fellow mass transit passenger. You’ll be making a friend and reducing your carbon footprint taking public transportation. Or if you’re feeling shy, just take a picture of yourself as you commute in style.

garlic scapesDay 24, July 28, Farmer’s market favorite
Take a trip to a local farmer’s market and take a picture of your favorite person or produce! Here are one of my favorite things: garlic scapes I brought home from the farmer’s market.

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elected officialsDay 25, July 29, Give a frack Friday
Do you know what fracking is? If not yet, educate yourself at the Catskill Mountainkeeper site. And then show you care about the safety of drinking water and our energy choices by contacting your local representative and showing your support for the Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act. Look up your local representatives and learn more about actions you can take here. Here’s a picture of the representatives I’m writing to!