Technically, the production of butter does not involve any blood, unless you are making specialty artisan butter for vampires. But that didn’t stop Iowans for Animal Liberation from dousing a cow-shaped butter sculpture at the Iowa State Fair in fake blood, to register their objection to the dairy industry. 

The Iowa State Fair has displayed a butter cow every year since 1911, and animal rights groups have been throwing red paint on shit since the ’80s, so it was inevitable the two would meet up someday. Apparently the activists’ goal was to issue a “reminder that there are people opposed to the eating of meat and dairy and that the meat and dairy industry is inordinately cruel” — but that’s according to a spokesperson for the Animal Liberation Press Office, which is NOT the press office for the Animal Liberation Front, which may or may not be affiliated with Iowans for Animal Liberation. And they all hate the People’s Front of Judea.

Nobody was hurt in the attack, and “the butter cow is fine,” according to the fair’s marketing director. And of course the entire state of Iowa immediately agreed to give up dairy farming. Ha ha. To quote Sen. Chuck Grassley addressing the vandals: “Get real.” (Also, “Assume butter cow dead.”)

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