The Helmet of Justice, designed by big-deal mobile studio Chaotic Moon, has embedded in it seven cameras that start recording when jarred and jostled — i.e., when the cyclist wearing it gets into an accident.

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Fast Company reports:

Like many cyclists involved in hit and runs, [Chaotic Moon designer John] Poindexter was too dazed in the aftermath of the accident to remember any identifying details of the vehicle — in fact, he landed in the hospital and had no recollection of what happened at all. Chaotic Moon’s solution: Create a helmet that can tell cyclists’ stories for them.

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The cameras film 360 degrees in order to capture the sort of information Poindexter forgot. The team’s already planning to improve the cameras’ resolution and to set them up so they start filming before an accident even occurs. Also, the helmet looks about as cool as you can imagine a bike helmet equipped with multiple cameras ever could. So cool that the next James Bond movie could plausibly involve a bike chase. Make that happen, someone, please.