We’ve all failed at a real-life version of Don’t Wake Daddy, because Papa Bear and the rest of his extended family WOKE UP. And it’s January. And they’re supposed to be hibernating.

Bears are wandering around Nevada’s Tahoe Basin when they SHOULD be safely tucked in bed. Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort got a visit from a black bear right in the middle of a ski race last week, and Goldilocks wasn’t even participating (she prefers to bobsled). The Weather Channel’s Matt Sampson explains, “Officials say the bears haven’t been hibernating because this winter has been warm and dry … The Tahoe Basin snow pack is only about one-quarter of its normal size for this time of year.” Thanks, climate change!

Watch (sorry about the autoplay):

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And yes, this means our porridge is in danger. Chris Healy of the Nevada Department of Wildlife told The Weather Channel, “These bears have been too acclimated to humans and see them as a source of food.” (That’s “source of food,” as in we buy it and cook it and throw it out, not that they see us as food ourselves, but it’s still an alarming quote.) There’s nothing juuuuuust right about that at all.

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