It’s hard not to have a crush on the Peterson Farm Brothers, three young farmers who turn pop culture hits into odes to agriculture. Now the trio has struck again, following up their take on the Fresh Prince theme song with a cover of Katy Perry’s “Roar” (called “Chore,” as in what they do all day to keep cows happy).

Here’s a sample of their “Katy Perrydy”:

I used to help feed cattle as a lad
Pitchin’ hay in the bunk just like my dad
Now I’m a farmer too, I grow your beef for you …

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I got the eye of the bovines, at dinnertime, staring through the sunshine
Cause I am a farmer and they wanna see me chore

They also drop some ag knowledge at 3:21, noting that cattle can be made into everything from steaks and baseballs to soap, insulin, paint brushes, and crayons. What the guys lack in lyrical, um, smoothness, they more than make up for in adorableness. Does anyone have an Amish romance novel we can borrow?

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