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It’s a sad time in your life when your attitude towards puddles goes from “fuckin’ A, I’m gonna jump in that shit” to “uggggghhhhh everything is gross.” Maturity: It sucks out loud. But this deer has never experienced things like “suede boots,” “having to look nice for a meeting,” or “worrying about looking like an idiot in public,” and it understands what’s really important: GUYS A PUDDLE A PUDDLE YOU GUYS IT’S A PUDDLE HEY GUYS IT’S A PUDDLE

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In short, if you are feeling overly old or responsible, here’s your antidote. And if you still retain a spark of childish whimsy in your heart, here’s your new spirit animal.

UPDATE: The following conversation just happened at Grist: “Jess, that’s an elk, not a deer!” “Wikipedia says elk are deer!” “Still though, it’s an elk.” So, duly noted: This is an elk (a kind of deer).

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