I love biking to work. The sun on my face, the wind in my hair, the breeze blowing up my skirt.

Eep, actually, that last one gets annoying fast. But ladies, don’t let a fear of public indiscretion stand in your way of reveling in your own freedom! There’s a solution: Put a penny in yo’ pants.

In the video above, three lasses from Glasgow explain that all you need to maintain your modesty is a coin and a rubber band. First you push the penny from the back of your skirt to the front, through both layers, to form a little button. Then wrap the rubber band around to secure it. And, voilà, you’ve got a breeze-proof skort!

Bonus points if you help bring the good fashion sense of the ’80s back by leaving the penny there all day. Extra bonus points if you just bring back the plain good sense of 1958, instead.

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