fast car


Who says you can’t be cool and drive really, really fast while still being environmentally friendly? That’s so 2000. In 2013, you can buy a Porsche that can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in under three seconds and that gets better fuel mileage than a Prius.

The car is called the 918 Spyder hybrid, and Bloomberg reports that it gets about 72 miles per gallon — better than the Prius’ 50 or so miles per gallon. Turns out those fuel efficiency regulations actually work! Bloomberg:

These ultra-efficient sportsters help automakers meet tougher emissions regulations without sacrificing power and performance. And they break the association between speed and pollution …

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Of course, to enjoy these benefits, you’ve gotta have the cash to buy a Porsche. This one goes for $845,000, which means that we, at least, still are going to be rocking it 2000-style in a used Prius.

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