California Gov. Jerry Brown has taken his cue from Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and countless other public figures by coming out with his own fragrance: Frack Water. It “smells like a man. A man who doesn’t give a sh*t about drought or climate change!” OK, it’s not ACTUALLY endorsed by the governor, but still. Splash some on your wrists, why don’t you?

Oil Change International and Heavy Crude Video made the parody ad, which is a shot-for-shot remake of Matthew McConaughey’s Stetson commercial. (Except the Jerry Brown figure doesn’t, uh, quite make it over the fence.) The cologne/frack water parallel is a pretty good one — they’re both full of toxic crap, and neither industry has to actually DISCLOSE its ingredients.

As the video’s creators explain:

Fracking is already happening in some parts of California, but if Jerry Brown and Big Oil get their way, it could explode in the state. In many parts of the country, fracking operations are digging up natural gas — which has its own problems — but in California, this dangerous process will largely be used to dig up dirty oil.

And during an epic drought, is it REALLY a good idea to be using water on fracking? (That’s a no.) We’ll stick with eau de solar, thanks.

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