Hawaii residents are generating so much power from solar panels that utilities are worried about accommodating the excess electricity. This is because Hawaii never has any real problems and is a goddamn paradise.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Solar power has grown increasingly popular across the U.S. Sun Belt, but hardly anywhere has it taken hold as it has in Hawaii. Friendly tax credits, the highest average electricity rates in the nation and the most aggressive renewable energy program adopted by any state have sent homeowners scrambling to install photovoltaic systems on their roofs.

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The number of solar power systems across the island state has doubled every year since 2007, with nearly 20,000 units installed. But with homeowners and businesses now producing nearly 140 megawatts of their own power — the equivalent of a medium-size power plant — and solar tax credits biting seriously into the state budget, Hawaii legislators and electrical utilities are tapping the brakes. …

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Hawaiian Electric Co. on Oahu, which oversees subsidiary utilities on Maui and the Big Island, has warned that the explosion of do-it-yourself solar could threaten parts of the power grid with the possibility of power fluctuations or sporadic blackouts as the power generated by homeowners — unpredictable and subject to sudden swings — exceeded output from power plants in some areas.

Ha ha. These are the problems they have in Hawaii. “Guys, you’re generating too much renewable energy.” Big fucking sad face.

Incidentally, it’s a balmy 74 degrees in Honolulu right now, because God forbid anything should be even slightly uncomfortable there. I mean, this is the sort of thing that’s a short drive away from anywhere on the island.


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Shut up, Hawaii. We’re tired of hearing about how great you are.

Ah, who am I kidding. Here’s a handy link to a flight search tool. Bring me back a solar panel and some booze.