There are more than 7.3 billion people on Earth (and counting), but apparently only one of them can sing a seriously good song about the fate of our planet.

Singer-songwriter Mizan Kidanu just released a dreamy track called “7 Billion,” and it’s a far cry from the often cringe-worthy climate-themed tunes of the pastIt’s beyond listenable — it’s phenomenal.

Mizan, an Ethiopian-raised artist based in New York, reflects on the human condition in her contemplative music. In “7 Billion,” her haunting voice rises above a foundation of acoustic piano to deliver a sincere, somber environmental message:

Battle against our own selves,
waste and poison in our air,
hate and greed in our skin —
Well, of course it’s not fair.
One day a dawn will come,
it won’t be too long at all.
If we win, we move along:
If we lose, God save us all.

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“I’m the center of my world, but 7 billion have a say,” she sings. “7 billion have a heart, 7 billion find a way.” We’re listening, Mizan.

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