Let’s put on a show!

All right, actually, a video. Online. About disposable red party cups.

That’s right: Grist is partnering with filmmaker John Pavlus to produce I, Party Cup — a documentary that asks: Who made this people’s chalice such a ubiquitous part of our disposable world? Why’d they do it? And what can that tell us about the small decisions and little things that shape our world in big ways?

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So: We need your help. We’re funding this project on Kickstarter — the innovative platform that’s become, in a few brief seasons, a buzzing hive connecting creative artists and people who want to support their work.

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Why should you support a film about a cup? I could just tell you. But listen to John, he’ll do it better:

This is an experiment for us at Grist. We’ve cut our nonprofit teeth on our ability to mobilize contributions from supporters like you. But we’re new to this crowdfunding thing and this is our first time on Kickstarter.

So give us a hand. Read more about the project. Review the dizzyingly delightful array of rewards we’ve lined up for our supporters. Become a backer yourself. Then tell your friends.

And wait, there’s more: Every dollar you decide to contribute to support this project will be matched in the form of another dollar donated by an anonymous benefactor to support Grist’s independent green news and advice.

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Many thanks from all of us. Cry havoc, and let loose the Red Party Cups!