Here at Grist HQ, we’ve been chatting about the climate change parables in HBO’s Game of Thrones for quite some time. But the metaphors in last night’s episode, “Hardhome,” were so blatant that we couldn’t not talk about them here. Join us!

Eve: Lots and lots of people spend lots and lots of time talking about how we can get Earth-residents (i.e. humans) to care about climate change. I would like to put forward a very effective approach: Create an army of ice zombies (which has already begun, FWIW). They make a strong argument!

Ted: Boy, do they. All your climate models and 2C and 4C and sea-level rise? That’s all well and good, but “an undead army is KILLING EVERYBODY” seems a pretty effective way to get folks on board with some serious climate action — or at least to consider getting a Nest.