Nutella, much like Carmen Sandiego, is highly sought after. It’s the closest thing to sex you can spread on toast. Eating it immediately makes you more sensual and European. It’s just fucking delicious.

But try to track it down, and — like everyone’s favorite villain in a red trench coat — that’s when things get tricky. The OECD’s new report on global value chains features a case study on Nutella, revealing that it’s the dictionary definition of globalization. Check it:

What a globetrotter! Click to embiggen.

Ferrero, SourcemapWhat a globetrotter! Click to embiggen.

Its factories and suppliers span six continents, with main ingredients coming from five countries: hazelnuts from Turkey, cocoa from Nigeria, vanilla from France, sugar from Brazil, and palm oil from Malaysia. And most of the factories aren’t in any of those countries, meaning that any jar of Nutella requires input from six countries or more.

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All of that shipping can’t be great for the environment. Get a warrant and see if you can track down a chocolate-hazelnut spread at your local farmers market, gumshoe!