Yesterday, just a few months after Patrick McConlogue approached him and offered him the choice between $100 and coding lessons, Leo Grand released his first app: Trees for Cars. We’re fans! In this video, Grand explains, “the objective is less cars on the road and a smooth transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy.” Just our style.

Daily Dot reports:

Trees for Cars is a mobile app that connects people for carpooling in an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. When you share a ride, the app tells what you saved in emissions and gives you the opportunity to compete with other users for the most savings.

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And Business Insider has a few more details:

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Here’s how it works: As a driver, simply pick a meeting address and the app will suggest nearby riders. Then, each rider and driver are only connected if they choose to mutually accept the invitations. The app tracks how much CO2 was saved by the passengers who got rides with others.

It’s not the first ridesharing app out there, but it is the first ridesharing app that was coded by someone without a permanent place to live, who’s trying to improve his situation and the planet at the same time. And it’s only $0.99 — why not give it a try?