You know how you’re not supposed to pour oil and bacon fat down the drain? According to the Guardian, people in London are doing it anyway — every year the city has to deal with 40,000 “fat-caused blockages” in the sewage system. But now, London has come up with a way to avoid those 40,000 messes (which we can only imagine are totally disgusting), and instead power 40,000 average-sized homes.

Before the oil and fat gets discarded, the city’s going to collect it from restaurants and food manufacturers and use it to run “the world’s biggest fat-fuelled power station.”

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The Guardian reports:

Thirty tonnes a day of waste will be collected from leftover cooking oil supplies at eateries and manufacturers, fat traps in kitchens and pinchpoints in the sewers – enough to provide more than half the fuel the power plant will need to run. The rest of its fuel will come from waste vegetable oil and tallow (animal fats).

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This is a really smart way to keep the sewage system running smoothly and create energy at the same time. We can’t imagine it will smell good, though.