Many of us try on more than 10 items of clothing in a single morning. Malaysian fashion label “We are ULTRA” wants you to wear only 10 articles throughout the entire year.

The label’s new ULTRA 10 line aims to cut back on consumerism and waste by offering up a minimalist wardrobe crafted from sustainable fabrics. ULTRA 10 features 10 items of clothing that can be mixed and matched into an array of outfits intended to last all year.

So far, the industry’s critics have embraced its appeal, winning the 2011 Ethical Fashion Forum INNOVATION Award. The 10 piece wardrobe’s “modular and multifunctional pieces” includes a 4-in-1 Coat/Dress/Jacket/Skirt and a 2-in-1 Jacket/Vest. Their clever arrangement of zippers, cuts and accessories gets you from the banquet to the bar in a single outfit — most of which is sustainably sourced or recycled fabrics.

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Most green-minded consumers embrace the idea of doing more with less. However, ULTRA 10’s line seems to also cater mainly to the minimal-eating set. With a backless top, mini skirt, and cropped top (essentially a form-fitting black bra) making up three of the 10 pieces, you can bet that ULTRA 10 won’t exactly appeal to all body types.