Depending on your cynicism level, this is either adorable or annoying as hell. With help from route-mapping tools like Strava, cyclists are spelling out proposals to their significant others. Finally, a bike-based proposal that gets around the fact that there’s really nowhere to hide a ring box in full-body spandex.

Murphy Mack, a cycling fiend who runs a superpro racing team, biked 18 miles around San Francisco on Friday to spell out a proposal to his girlfriend Emily:

The ride cost him 83 minutes, almost 800 calories, and a 1,371 foot gain in elevation, so thankfully she said yes — on the route mapping site, of course:

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Believe it or not, someone beat Mack to the punch. On Christmas Eve, Steven H. of Raleigh, N.C., proposed to his girlfriend, Caroline, via Strava. She also said yes in a comment, which really seems downright lazy. (C’mon! Bike out a reply!) But at least he GOT a reply, because his route looks less like a proposal and more like he just got lost:



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Shmaltzy or not, at least cyclists are saving us from those obnoxious flash mob proposals.