People use Strava to map their jogs, bike rides — even proposals. Now you can check out more than 77 million bike routes around the country.

For instance, according to Strava, Seattleites love cycling downtown and even over to Redmond. And a few brave souls even circled Mount Rainier. Most of Washington hasn’t been biked, at least not using the route-mapping site, so it’s cool to see bright spots near Spokane and Bellingham. (Here’s Manhattan, if that’s more your speed.)

Downtown Seattle bike routes

StravaDowntown Seattle bike routes.

One snarky Gizmodo commenter noted, “Nobody exercises in the Midwest.” It’s true that the Dakotas have barely any blue spots indicating bike routes. But we’re betting that’s due to lack of bike paths and ways of baking cyclists into infrastructure, rather than laziness.

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Where cyclists ride in Kansas City

StravaWhere cyclists ride in Kansas City.

In fact, it’s cool to zoom in on Kansas City and be reminded that it’s not just Brooklynites noodling around on their fixies.

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