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Over the weekend, a green-roofed coffee shop opened in Los Angeles’ Los Feliz neighborhood. It looked like a Starbucks and tasted like a Starbucks, but it wasn’t a Starbucks. It was a Dumb Starbucks, serving Dumb Vanilla Blonde Roast and selling Dumb Norah Jones Duets.

Apparently it’s quite popular.

The Wall Street Journal, being the Wall Street Journal, thinks people are waiting on this very long line for Dumb Starbucks coffee because the coffee was free. But come on, guys, not EVERYTHING is about money — there’s a limit to how long people will wait in line even for free things, Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day excepted. Our best guess is that people are sick of Starbucks and its ubiquitous really-only-OK-maybe-sort-of-bad coffee, and if they can’t get high-quality fair trade organic stuff they’ll go for the next best thing: coffee that sucks that makes a mockery of coffee that sucks.

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