Enjoy weed; don’t spread your seed! That SHOULD be the slogan for Cannadoms, an awkward portmanteau for cannabis and condoms (maybe “Condabis” was taken). You have the Dutch to thank for combining your two favorite things: toking and not making a baby.



These pot-flavored condoms smell and taste as you’d expect, plus they’re green — literally, the color green, in case you needed to be reminded of the marijuana connection in some post-4:20 haze. We have a feeling Miley’s gonna love these.



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You’d expect that for $2 a pop, the Cannadom would actually get you high; sadly, no. You’ve still gotta go to Amsterdam for SOME things. (Or, you know, California.) But in the grand scheme of things, two bucks is a lot less than $241,080 — the cost of raising a kid.