You can’t drive John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign into a ditch, but you can do the next best thing: Total Sarah Palin’s 1999 Ford Expedition from her days as Wasilla mayor! Her old SUV is up for sale on eBay until this Wednesday, so BID EARLY. BID OFTEN.

Yes, that IS a cardboard cutout of Palin in the window.
eBayYes, that IS a cardboard cutout of Palin in the window.

The starting bid is $10,000 despite the car’s Blue Book value of — ruh roh — only $2,318. A city official explains:

“We put it out there to get a better return on taxpayer dollars by listing it as her car than just selling it ‘as-is,'” Public Works Director Archie Giddings said Wednesday. “It may have some value to somebody … knowing who had it originally.”

Why yes, the value is in being able to steer clear of something Sarah Palin touched. (Priceless.)

Lest you think the only points against the SUV are its gas-guzzling nature, Palin connection, and ridiculous markup — mere trifles, really! — keep in mind that it also needs new brakes. The old ones were worn out putting a stop to her delusional thinking.