New York Subway

Ed YourdonSubway life in New York.

If you loathe cars and want to live in an urban transit utopia, your best bets in the U.S. are San Francisco and New York.

And stay the hell away from Colorado Springs.

Walk Score, a website that grades the walkability, transit options, and bike friendliness of localities across the country, just published its 2014 list of urban oases that are best served by public transit.

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It gave New York the highest score for transit options — 81 out of 100. That narrowly bested San Francisco, where a bevy of Muni, BART, and inter-city bus options earned the city’s transit options a score of 80 out of 100.

For a transit lover’s nightmare, you could always try Colorado Springs in Colorado. It scored just 15 out of 100.

Here’s more from around the country, in infographic form:

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