When it gets cold, fewer people bike, because cold sucks out loud. And even dedicated bikers might be forgiven for wondering, of the well-bundled few who are biking in freezing temperatures, “What in the world are they thinking?”

Well, Transportation Alternatives and Bike NYC asked three of them and got wonderful answers: “It’s a liberating thing to take yourself where you want to go” … “I just don’t want stop. Just because it’s cold out, I don’t want to forgo the pleasure” … “It’s fun to be a New Yorker even when things in New York are tough” … “You feel like you’re part of this growing group of people who are doing this no matter what.”

Another lovely thing about this video is that out of three featured riders, two are women. There’s also a cameo by a little girl who’s never going to remember what it’s like not to bike. You’ll want to watch to the end of this to hear her perspective on taking action on bike infrastructure:

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