We’re about to cry just looking at this little guy, who’s confused because his home forest was clear-cut. Maybe the most heartbreaking part is that koalas are protected in Australia, which means he would have been moved out of harm’s way before the logging activities began. After which he would have wandered confidently back to his home, only to discover that it wasn’t there anymore. No wonder he looks so shocked.

But wait! There’s a happy ending!

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Koala Rescue – Western NSW

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Thanks to Australia’s Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service and two koala-loving landowners, the displaced koala has been relocated and found a new lease on life. WIRES picked him up and moved him to a thriving bit of forest, where his new landlords were happy to let him scamper up whatever tree suited his fancy.

Of course, the logging activities would have left other koalas homeless, scared, and confused. WIRES is hoping to find and relocate them, too. In the meantime, at least we know this one little guy is OK.

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