Just wait til that unitard isn't cool anymore.

Just wait til that new unitard isn’t cool anymore.

Last week, Jezebel’s Doug Barry was all, “AAA! Throwing away clothes is shockingly bad for the environment! And 45 percent of your donated clothes are shipped overseas and sold unscrupulously. Welp, guess we better become hoarders or use Earth911!” It was very well-intentioned, but Jezebel commenters were way ahead of him (as, I’m guessing, are you, dear reader). Here are 10 of their suggestions that put Barry to shame. (For a drinking game, count how many times you say “duh.”)

1. Donate to Dress for Success, a nonprofit that outfits low-income women for job interviews

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

dress for success

2. Local charity clothing drives 

charity drive

3. Use them instead of paper towels

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

Screen shot 2013-06-12 at (Jun 12)

4. Give ‘em to a friend or relative

friend or sister

5. Spoil your pets, natch

cat bed

6. Leave ‘em outside for your neighbors


7. Annoy your pets

dress pets

8. Trade for clothes that are new to you

clothing swap.jpg

9. Make money off ’em

sell on ebay

10. Go nude (wait, how does that help?)


Bottom line? We’ve gotta start being more thoughtful about what we buy in the first place, so there’s less crap from Forever 21 to get rid of. And people are starting to realize that. And then yell at other people about it in comments sections, which is how you know an idea has really taken hold.