Modern Farmer is living up to its name with a fluffy technological advancement: the LambCam. Think Shiba Inu puppy cam meets farm. And if that sounds boring, well, it’s not — a llama walked by and I almost pissed myself. (Although maybe that says more about my low-key Festivus than about the LambCam itself.)

The LambCam streams live from Juniper Moon Farms in Palmyra, Va., which is home to not only 23 adult sheep and 12 lambs (squee!) but also five dogs, four sheep dogs, and the aforementioned llama. (If goats are more your speed, of COURSE there’s a GoatCam for you.) Explains Modern Farmer:

Half the sheep are Cormos (white) and half are Border Leicesters (multicolored). They’re bred for wool, not meat, and they love their owners with a fierceness. Of course, they show their affection as only sheep can — head-butting stomachs and nosing through pockets for loose change.

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LambCam doesn’t shut off at night — hell no. It’s got night vision so you can count the li’l buddies whenever insomnia hits. Sheep dreams!

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