You Live in What?, which is a real show on Home & Garden Television, seems a little bit incredulous of Gregory Kloehn and his tiny house. To be fair, the show can’t help but sound incredulous, since it has a question mark in its actual title. Also, to be fair, Kloehn’s home is a converted dumpster.

But, actually, Kloehn is kind of genius. As he points out, a dumpster makes perfect sense as housing in NYC. It has a “nice pitched roof.” It has a deck (also known as “the top of the dumpster”). Maybe it smells a little, but what doesn’t? And how many Brooklyn residents would get a chyron saying “Homeowner” when interviewed on TV?

It only took him six months to rig it up into a nice living space.

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We’re expecting the New York Times Style Section article about converted dumpster living in 3 … 2 … 1 …