How could we not love these animal-themed shoes, featuring favorite Grist List creatures like orcas, sharks, and elephants (plus non-animal Grist List faves like coffee and butts)? Well, I suppose we could not love them because they cost between $1,000 and $2,000 a pair. But man, if I ever come into money, some of it will be earmarked for wildlife and animal rescue funds … and then, as a reward, I will completely get shark shoes.

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The shoes are handmade by Israeli designer and David Duchovny lookalike Kobi Levi, who clearly doesn’t intend for you to walk very much. These are shoes for lying down and posing in Vogue editorials with — but while you’re lying down and posing in Vogue editorials, you can display your love for animals! (And butts and coffee.)

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Obviously, most of us are never going to purchase a pair of $1,800 shoes, and if we did, we’d be scared to let them touch the ground. But the artistry makes them amazing to look at. Just consider this an antidote to the human meat butcher story.