We’ve already shown you factory farms that look like zombie wounds. This video of fields watered with center-pivot irrigation belongs in a different sort of horror movie: some sort of Hitchcock thriller where you lose your memory and your mind and wake up from a dream of organic polyculture farms to realize that you’re actually living in a monoculture nightmare.

Modern Farmer explains what’s going on here:

Artist Gerco de Ruijter makes the common uncommon by using images of these circles as the centerpiece of his 2012 short film, making its museum debut at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C.

The film is composed of a series of over 1,000 images of  clock-like irrigation circles taken from Google Earth and cropped to squares …

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“I could save these images on my computer and travel throughout the South and Midwest sitting behind my desktop,” [Ruijter] told Modern Farmer in an email. “Traveling from one season to another, from seed to harvest and ploughing.”

He also said his work has no deeper meaning, but we’re pretty sure it doesn’t need to in order to hypnotize us and wipe out all our memories.

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