Bikes are not just for kids. Bikes are not just for urban commuters. Bikes are not just for bike snobs. Bikes can be for families. They can be for pregnant ladies. And they can even be for octogenarians.

Like Noel Newton. Noel lives in Toowoomba, Australia, on the east coast — not that far from Brisbane, if you know where that is. Noel is 81, and most days he goes out for a bike ride. Generally, he’ll go about 30 miles. Why does he do it? Here’s what he told the Chronicle:

“I have always liked bike riding over running because with bike riding you can knock it back down a few cogs and you will come good,” he said.

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“You could go forever.”

We’re not completely sure what “knock it back down a few cogs” is Australian for — something about drinking beer, right? — but this sounds right to us.

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