Step aside, 16-year-old algae-to-biofuel scientist. Go home, 14-year-old GMO-labeling advocate. Because 10-year-old Hannah Alper makes you look like two Willie Nelsons (yikes).

Hannah Alper

Call Me HannahHannah Alper.

The Ontario resident started a green blog before she even hit double digits. (Topics include child labor, clean water, green living, and fair trade.) As she told Metro News:

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I’ve always loved animals and I have a dog myself. I realize that animals rely on the environment for food, care, and shelter, and they rely on humans to help the environment, and their habitats are breaking down.

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In addition to a precocious concern for others, she apparently also has a great agent very supportive parents. Her dad testified in an email:

Not limiting herself to her laptop, Hannah has put her words into actions. She organized a shoreline cleanup in her community, was the youngest WWF Earth Hour Team Captain in 2013 and spoke at the WWFs Earth Hour event in Toronto, was the official “on the ground eco-blogger” for the JUNO Awards and launched We Create Change.

Some might say “Go play outside like a normal 10-year-old” or “Please stop making me feel so old.” (“Some” meaning us.) But seriously, Alper is inspiring — her accomplishments would be impressive even if she weren’t younger than Hannah Montana.

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Someone is paying attention, because Alper just got recruited to speak at pro-social tween fest We Day with the likes of Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers, the two remaining Disney products that have yet to swing naked from a wrecking ball. Congrats to Hannah! We’d give her a high five, but we’re three times her age so our bodies are consumed with decay.