Fancy a bag of wind-powered kettle crisps, a pound of grass-fed Himalayan tuna salad, or a pack of Dickson’s farm condoms? Come on down to the Artisanal Landlord Price Hike Sale!

NPR has the story:

That’s how the neighbors at Jesse’s Deli in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill neighborhood are trying to save their local convenience store.

Owner Jesse Itayim opened his doors in 1984 at the corner of Bergen and Bonds Avenue, spending time in that location and another before moving to his current location, 402 Atlantic Ave., in 1989.

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The fate of the family business was threatened recently by a hike in the monthly rent — from $4,000 to $10,000. Itayim could not afford it, and he prepared to close after more than 25 years in business.

When customers and neighbors asked about the bare shelves at Jesse’s Deli, they found out it was closing by July 31.

A neighbor started a petition and sent 1,200 signatures in support of Itayim to the landlord, Karina Bilger. Bilger returned it unopened, with a note saying there would be no renewal on the lease, and declaring all past offers rescinded. …

The community showed support for Jesse’s by making mock posters that advertise prices increased two and a half times and “gentrified” products.

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If Jesse’s Deli ends up shuttering its doors, it won’t be the first casualty lost to New York’s dying bodega culture. Last year alone, about 75 bodegas closed throughout the city due to increasing rent, while the number of 7-11’s has jumped from 59 stores in 2009 to 130 in 2014. Anyone have any Free-Range Colt 45’s to pour out?

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