Quick, how many handheld electronics do you have charging right this second? A smartphone, maybe? A smartphone and an iPad? A smartphone and an iPad and a Kindle and also your work phone? Each with its own cord connected to your computer or the wall and probably also to other cords and also dust bunnies?

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As an actually attractive alternative to that tangle of wires, we’re into electree+, a solar-powered charging station that’s designed to look like a bonsai tree. Unlike many solar gadgets, it’s an object you might actually want in your house. And it can more than handle all your wireless charging needs: It takes 36 hours of sunlight to fully charge the battery, which can hold nine iPhone 5s worth of juice.

This idea has been around for a while, but the first run of actual trees didn’t sell as well as the creators had hoped — only 200 went out, when they’d hoped to sell 400. But now the electree is more efficient and $170 cheaper. At $200, it’s still pricey. We’ve seen A LOT of solar-powered phone chargers, though, and this is our favorite.

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