Screengrab from Greenbelt Bike Videos.

Moving is stressful, and most of us deal with it by renting a ginormo truck, dumping our stuff in it (or bribing our buddies to dump our stuff in it), and hoping that nothing in our newspaper-packed boxes breaks. But Anthony and Jess Reiss decided to take a chance on a potentially really, really stressful alternative: They recruited a bunch of a friends and moved by bike. The Washington Post reports:

Bicyclists from the community offered to help. A church group offered to help. A bike messenger from the District offered to help — a big coup because he had a trailer that could haul 300 pounds.

All told, about 25 people and bikes showed up.

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“It took two hours,” Anthony said. “I thought it would take two days.”

You can check out the whole operation, if you like:

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Being the sort of people who would move by bike, the Reisses didn’t buy a bunch of disposable boxes, either. They used milk crates and backpacks. Granted, they were only moving a mile down the road, they’re skilled bikers (he works at a bike shop), and one imagines that they aren’t the sort of people who have an overwhelming amount of stuff. But for short hops, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to move house with nothing but 25 friends, a LOT of pizza, and a 300-pound-capacity bike trailer.