Your new midnight snuggle buddy.

Luke FritzYour new midnight snuggle buddy.

I’m not saying Leon Smith’s girlfriend ISN’T a foxy lady. But she was long gone by the time the British chap woke up to realize he was cuddling with an actual fox. The Mirror reports:

Leon Smith was dozing in bed when he thought his girlfriend Sophie Merrell had lovingly nuzzled the back of his neck.

But she had already gone to work, and when Leon reached out for a cuddle he felt fur — and found himself in bed with a fox who had sneaked in through the cat flap.

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Leon, 30, from Hampton Hill in London, told The Sun: “I just couldn’t believe it. It was so calm, just staring at me.”

Just add foxes to the list of things that can creep in your cat door, along with pint-sized girl detectives (and actual cats).

Girlfriend Sophie laughed when she got home and saw who her other half had been cozying up to, but admitted she is nervous about the possibility of the fox making a return visit.

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Yep, time to nail that thing shut and teach your cat how to use a doorknob. It can’t be THAT hard, right?

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