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Tired of trees disappearing on you? Not like Hogwarts invisibility cloak disappearing, but close: DEFORESTATION. Pretty flaky, right? Always right after they volunteered to do the dishes, too. SMH. Thankfully there’s Global Forest Watch (GFW), a new system to narc on trees gone MIA. GFW pieces together satellite data to see where the sneaky trees have been vanishing from.

What’s that? Trees can’t just walk off on their own? Someone has to cut them down? Oh right. The BBC breaks it down:

The Earth lost 2.3 million sq. km. of tree cover in 2000-12 because of logging, fire, disease, or storms …

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[S]aid Dr. Andrew Steer from WRI, “From now on, the bad guys cannot hide and the good guys will be recognized for their stewardship.”

Start quaking in your newly stylish lumberjack boots, illegal loggers. Not even your hipster plaid can save you now.

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